REPLACEMENT EVENT planned for spring 2021  with:

Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, Prof. Renate Köcher, Christian Kroll, Nadia Boegli and more.

Steward-Ownership Summit 2020

We are excited to announce our next big symposium on steward-ownership, presented by the Purpose  Foundation and the Foundation for Steward-Ownership.


Together with experts from various sectors, we will explore the different dimensions of steward-ownership, ranging from its transformative potential for economy and society to the practical legal implementation and financing.


This symposium will bring together founders, entrepreneurs, investors as well as academics, legal experts and tax consultants who are interested in steward-ownership and its growing ecosystem.

Steward-ownership for Start-ups: How to grow and build thriving businesses without being a unicorn or exiting your company through aligned ownership and financing. 

Steward-ownership for Succession: How to preserve legacy while achieving liquidity without selling for mission-driven businesses. Expanding the definition of “family-ownership” to include values-aligned stewards and facilitate new succession perspectives. 

Sustainable Finance & Ownership: Founding , growing and planning for business succession - 

the opportunities and advantages of financing steward-owned businesses.






Confirmed Speakers

Prof. Renate Köcher

CEO IfD Allensbach

Christian Kroll

Founder Ecosia

Waldemar Zeiler

Founder einhorn products

Prof. Flemming Besenbacher

Chairman The Carlsberg Foundation

Nadia Boegli

Founder wildplastic

Génica Schäfgen

Country Manager DACH Ecosia

Marleen Vogelaar

Founder Zielwear

Prof. Colin Mayer

Oxford University

Antti Virolainen

Founder Sharetribe

Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble

President of the German Parliament

Katharina Hupfer

CEO waschbär

Thomas Bruch

Fiduciary shareholder Globus

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Information about the current situation:

COVID-19 requires us to be flexible in our conference planning.  We will continue to monitor the situation closely and, if necessary, implement appropriate measures or changes to the event. We are planning optimistically and resposibly and are in regular contact with the public health department of Berlin and the venue.